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Blonde Hair Chronicles - The Real Truth

I needed a change and I thought why not Platinum Blonde. So, I ditched my dark Bigen permanent Black hair color on the journey to my Blonde ambition. I went to three good stylist 1) Lifted my Black hair to medium Blonde (Wella products) 2) took me platinum (Redken) and 3) helps maintain it (Paul Mitchell). Blonde is taxing on your hair and my thick hair broke off a few times. Somehow through the breakage , the color has made my skin look brighter, challenged me to learn basic make-up skills and drastically changed my look. I must admit I am having fun. Maybe because of the sacrifice to keep it Platinum Blonde. I do not use any heat or other chemicals on my hair. It has taught me discipline and how you MUST condition your hair. I love Shea Moisture Hair Masque conditioner. Purple shampoo (Clairol Shimmer Lights) is a MUST to keep the true color and trim the ends.

In other words, its fun but too much high maintenance for me. This year I will let the blonde grow out and go back to my darker roots although not Jet Black. I think with my Brown skin/yellow undertones a warmer hue is far better for my skin color. I encourage everyone to try something different. Life should be in many colors not just black and white.

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